Package A (Occupied Home Only)

Dusting of all furniture, picture frames, TVs, Ceiling Fans, Cabinet Fronts etc. Surface cleaning of kitchen (includes inside of microwave), bathrooms (includes scrubbing of tub/shower), laundry room, Vacuuming & mopping all floors & Emptying waste baskets. Wiping of outside of appliances only. Up to one sink of dishes washed, up to 2 beds made.

 Prices start at $60.00 

Package B (Occupied or Vacant Home)

In addition to all listed in package A, we will hand wash blinds, interior windows & window sills, all visible baseboards, inside of all appliances, oil outside of wood cabinets, scrub all shelves, Clean inside of cabinets and drawers (If empty) Up to 4 beds made.  Prices start at $85.00

Optional Ad-on Services (Occupied or Vacant home)

Laundry (Wash, Dry & Fold - In your home only)  

$30.00 for every 3 loads.  

Organizing or Picking up items before we clean

$25.00 per hour

Outside Window Cleaning (Main Floor Only - You remove any screens) $3.00 per window

More than one sink-full of dishes needing hand washed 


​Extra Bed Making / Linen Changes $15.00

Professional, Truck-mounted Carpet Cleaning 

$25.00-$45.00 per room, Extra fee may apply for stains.